Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Coveting Your Prayers Surrendering your life to do something you have no idea how to do seems a little tricky.  Since God has called us to this work, we must continuously seek after Him for guidance and encouragement.  Won't you be our prayer warrior?  Here some ways you can get involved!   Read the Full Story

"Will we have a bathroom in Togo?"

Togo Shirts; ME Conference
GO Togo!  (And USA, too...)
We celebrated the end of July with an Olympic Opening Ceremony party at our house (which is still for sale, if you're interested).  We had 17 people crammed in front our television to see what London had planned.  As we watched we realized that this is probably our last Olympics to see in the States.  That's a wonderful and terrifying thought!  So much to do.  We spent the beginning of the month meeting with a few families to discuss Hope for Togo, attended ME, traveled through 8 states and Washington D.C. (our kids are GREAT travelers!), and returned home to finish out this month!  The mission conference was encouraging, and it was great to see some of our teammates who are home on furlough.  Nora's been so excited about Africa since our long journey she asks everyday if we are going.  One morning she asked a series of questions: "Will we have a bathroom in Togo?  What about soap?  Will Dora the Explorer be there?  Can we take movies?"  She's so ready to go, and so are we!  Please pray that we recognize all the opportunities that God provides for us to share about the ministry in Togo as well as the gospel to those around us.

Nora did something great the other day, and as tears filled my eyes out of joy and pride I wondered if I was feeling a bit like God when we finally get something right.  My kids are pretty good, but they can be frustrating.  Every once in a while they say or do something that makes me realize "they're starting to get it!"  A little bit of truth shines through or their actions impress us because they finally chose the right thing, for the right reasons...and they're getting it.  They of course continue to make bad choices or disappoint us at times, and I started to think "I bet this is kind of how God feels as He watches us."  We want to do the right thing, yet so often we make selfish or wrong choices.  But every once in a while we get it right and He's like a proud Father thinking "she's starting to get it."

Prayer Needs

  • Creative opportunities to present our ministry
  • New financial partners
  • Others to join the Hope Radio Team
  • Balancing work and ministry
  • Selling our home
  • Nora's health (and upcoming tests)


  • Monthly support level at 38.6%
  • New partners - churches and individuals!
  • Amanda's part-time job
  • God is working in the hearts of the people in Togo!
  • New baby on the way - Due Jan 25th!



On the Road Again


Silas Nora Sleeping


Our lives remain busy with work, family, and pre-field ministry.  With everything going full-force we find that we spend lots of time in our trusty Toyota Corolla.  We know every word to the VeggieTales Worship CD as well as the one Silly Songs CD we have.  It's the only entertainment our kids have beside themselves.  You know if the laughter (or crying) stops they have most likely fallen asleep.  At least they wake up rested when we get to our destination.
This month we have traveled to:
Anderson, IN (twice)
Elberfeld, IN
Pittsboro, IN
Little Rock, AR

(Nora thought we were driving to Africa when we were about 6 hours into the Arkansas trip.)
We are thankful for the safety God has given us as we spent so much time in the car, and we are excited to share our ministry where ever our journeys take us.

In two weeks we will all be taking a road trip to Baltimore, Maryland to be at the ABWE Missionary Enrichment Conference.  We're excited!

Oh, and check out our latest video update!


  • People excited to hear about the ministry in Togo
  • Our teammates meeting financial goals and attending training (The Abuhls leave for language school in August!)
  • Opportunities to share the gospel with those around us
  • Safety as we have traveled
  • Amanda going to part-time at work

Prayer Requests

  • Quick sale of our home
  • Safety as we continue to travel
  • Nora's health & upcoming tests
  • To keep focus of those here in front of us who also need God's message of Hope
From My Heart

From My Heart

My Aunt Beverly has been teaching me things ever since I can remember.  Teaching me how to be crafty (making snakes out of ties for VBS), teaching me how to drive (everyone else was too afraid), and teaching me how to love God.  I credit her with my love for foreign missions, and God has taken that and is now using us in far-away Africa that I used to dream of.  She's fighting cancer, and it appears now that the cancer will win.  So now I watch as she teaches me more.  She is teaching me how to glorify God through pain and suffering as she continues to minister to those around her.  I'm praying that when I experience suffering I can remember to praise God, too. ~Amanda  




Help Us Get To Togo


For Sale


“If you would be perfect [complete], go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.” - Matthew 19:21 

That's kind of our life goal, but lately, it's gotten pretty intense!  If you've ever moved, even just across town, there are so many unplanned and unexpected things that sap your time and energy.  Although we still have lots to do, the house is now officially on the market (info flyer here).  We've had a good response from our Facebook friends from the video posted last month (view here).   Borrowing trucks, lending our kids to friends for a few hours, yard sales...there's progress, but slow progress.

Pre-field ministry is definitely a journey.  Aside from ridding ourselves of possessions, there are a few more things required of us to keep us aligned with a departure to Togo next year: Amanda's finished up and started another bible study with two girls from church.  Andy is discipling a boy from church.  Strengthening our family and marriage, bible courses, support raising, working full-time...It leaves little time for sleep and eating! We also must remind ourselves of God's calling for us, and, as we're reminded with every ministry visit, it may not feel worth all of this now, but, we must count the cost, ultimately surrendering our lives to His will.

Hope Radio is moving forward with a design/construction/cost proposal submitted to ABWE's project office.  Talks with the Togo government continue to explore our options in broadcasting.  We pray for our teammates and the new ministry we're literally building from the ground up.

So, you know our needs.  How can we pray for you?  We'd love to know how God is working in your life!


We're traveling around sharing our vision of ministry with churches and indivduals.  Can we visit you?

Prayer Needs

  • 50% monthy support by June 23
  • New financial partners -- full support by this summer!
  • Balancing work and ministry
  • Selling our home


  • Monthly support level at 35%
  • House for sale
  • Hope Radio progressing
  • God is working in the hearts of the people in Togo!



Another Milestone


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