Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Coveting Your Prayers Surrendering your life to do something you have no idea how to do seems a little tricky.  Since God has called us to this work, we must continuously seek after Him for guidance and encouragement.  Won't you be our prayer warrior?  Here some ways you can get involved!   Read the Full Story

A Week of Thanksgiving

We were grateful to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with our families.  Nora has continued to talk about "Grandma and Grandpa" since we left a few days ago.  Within the week we were able to increase our support to 9.3% and have had two unsolicited partners!  It is great to see God working and remember that it's not really anything that we are doing to gain partners, but it is all His doing - and, He can do it without if He choses to do so.  What a great reminder of His power!

A few things we are thankful for:


6.3% closer to Togo!

In October we participated in a Sending Church workshop, completed our Kingdom Come Training, were guests at two mission conferences, and saw our monthly support increase from 0% to 6.3%.  Obviously, we still have lots to do, but we are loving our time in this prefield ministry.  We have had several ministry visits and really enjoy getting to know the hearts of the people we have met with.


Update #3

When you turn on your radio to your favorite station, what do you want to hear?  Is it the music?  The DJs?  Do you yell at the radio when you don't agree with the programming?  Is your heart stirred when someone calls in, tells their story, and you identify with them?


Update #2

Wow!  What a month it's been and things don't seem to be slowing down any time soon.  For those who may not know, July 15th we were officially appointed as missionaries by ABWE.  We met some great people and are incredibly excited about the Togo Team that God is forming.



altWe were so blessed to be the VBS missionaries at Mill Road Baptist Church this year.

The kids were great, and we really liked getting to interact with them.  We were able to share the salvation plan with two kids and they both accepted Christ as their savior!  The last night 


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