Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Coveting Your Prayers Surrendering your life to do something you have no idea how to do seems a little tricky.  Since God has called us to this work, we must continuously seek after Him for guidance and encouragement.  Won't you be our prayer warrior?  Here some ways you can get involved!   Read the Full Story

Playing the Waiting Game

Our Christmas was spent in Evansville as a little family of 4, and Silas made it exciting when he inadvertently got super glue on his eye and glued it shut.  Nothing's ever boring around here, as they say.  He is doing well now, and we're just waiting to see what kind of excitement our kids bring us next.  This month we are in the process of "playing the waiting game" - waiting for someone to fall in love with our house, waiting for baby #3 to make his/her debut, waiting for people to partner with us, waiting for the funds to increase, waiting for the kids to learn what "obey" means, and waiting to see how God sovereignly works out the timing of everything.  Obviously, the verse that comes to mind is Psalm 27:14

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait on the Lord.

Please continue to pray for us as we take heart, pray for strength and endurance and patience to see things work in God's timing.

A gift from God

Honestly, this is hard work -- getting ready to leave the country and trying to find people and churches willing and able to financially partner with you.  It's taken it's toll on us over the last year, and just last week we prayed that God would just do something to bring us encouragement.  The next day the information from the Missionary Finance office showed that we were now at 56% of our needed Outfit and Passage fund, which is HUGE.  To top it off, we received confirmation that another individual had committed to monthly financial partnership.  The process maybe grueling and slower than we want, but GOD IS FAITHFUL and it felt so much like a loving Father that He would provide for us some encouragement to keep going.  Thanks for praying with us!
Togo Kids

Pray For

-Small groups (bible studies, Sunday school classes, etc.) willing to hear about our ministry
-Healthy new baby
-Sale of house
-New financial partners
-Motivation and energy to complete our Bible courses
-Sharing Jesus with those God has placed us with here and now
-Hearts of the Togolese
Nora & Silas

Praise God For

-56% Outfit & Passage
-Encouragement from prayer and financial partners
-New financial partners
-Progress in Bible courses (Amanda has officially completed & passed one)
-His faithfulness



Feliz Navidad -- Wait, that's not French!

(If it's too small, right-click to download or view in another window)


"p.p.s. My dad is from Africa."


Letters and Fulani refugees


We had the awesome opportunity to be the missionaries for AWANA Mission Night at First Baptist Church in Princeton, IN.  We loved hearing from and sharing with all of the kids, but our favorite part was the letters we received from the Sparks.  We came home exhausted, laid in bed and laughed until our sides hurt and tears were pouring from our eyes.  These kids were great, and it was good to laugh so hard when there are so many other things keeping our minds constantly occupied.  It was truly a blessing for us!

Our teammates who are currently serving in Mango, Togo have recently had the opportunity to minister to some of theFulani people.  Fighting has broken out between two tribes north of Mango.  People have been killed, homes and crops have been burned, and some children have been separated from their families.  All the books in their language were destroyed, including their religious and prayer books.  Our teammates created care packages for each of the nearby refugee tents and gave out copies of the Gospel of Luke in their language.  These people are Muslim, but were so grateful to receive the books as they now have nothing.  We are praying that God will use His word along with the other items in the care packages to open doors.

We are excited to that we are finishing up one of our required Biblical courses and are now starting on another.  We continue to keep the "For Sale" sign posted in our yard, call churches, and share our stories with anyone willing to listen.  Please pray that we continue to see the evidence of God at work in all these areas.
Christmas Tree Partnership

Sharing Jesus All Year Long

We are always looking for opportunities to share with others ways to become partners in the ministry in Togo, West Africa.  If you, your family, your small group, church, business, etc. want to invest in the souls of the Togolese please contact us to see how!  We have linked the above graphic to a page that explains more.  We are hoping to have all the monthly amounts committed by Christmas - December 2012!  Please pray for God to open the hearts of those He would have to partner with us!

Prayer & Praises

Please pray for:
  • Someone to purchase the house
  • Financial partners
  • Spiritual encouragement
  • Wisdom in upcoming decisions
Praise God for:
  • Prayer warriors
  • Encouragement from awesome partners
  • Progress in required Bible courses
  • 42% committed support
Nora obeys

Obey the First Time

I think God allows us to be parents so we can understand Him better.  Andy and I have really been working with Nora on obeying the first time.  We've been trying "positive reinforcement" - giving her a fuzzy ball for each time she is successful, offering a reward when the jar is full.  She is very excited every day to "obey the first time"; it's usually one of the first things she mentions in the morning.  But, no matter what her heart desires, her flesh definitely takes over - usually very quickly.  Of course, it's evident this isn't just a problem with toddlers.  There are stories throughout the Bible where God is trying to get us to obey, and as I feel disappointed when Nora doesn't succeed I pray that God works in my heart so I can hear and obey Him as well - the first time.  -- Amanda




Autographs, Bags & Mission Conference




We were delighted to be part of the Rivercity FaithFest.  We spoke with several people, some who had visited Togo and some who had lived in Africa.  Our Togolese Chicken Sauce and Justison stickers were the main attraction at our booth.  We were blessed to have some great people there helping us out!  We met Chris August and he signed some stuff for us.  We will be auctioning it off eventually to help raise money for our Outfit & Passage funds.  
Amanda had been corresponding with a girl in the Peace Corps living in Dapaong, Togo -- very close to Mango where we'll be.  The girl was incredibly nice and helped to have some handmade Togolese bags shipped to us.  Amanda was super excited when we finally got them in the mail.  These will be given out to any family/individual who will host a ministry dessert night in their home.  If you're interested, let us know and we'll get you more information!
Our September ended with the Mission Conference at our home church.  We were blessed to spend some time with the Kandels (serving in the Middle East) and Ed Christy (serving in France).  They were both great encouragements since the Kandels work in a Muslim community and the Christys are in France where our language school will be.  The theme was "Lost", and the focus was on the fact that so much of the world truly is lost in their spirituality.  We were grateful to be a part of this!
September Praises

September Praises

  • paying off our car loans and student loans (our house is our only debt)!
  • good doctor reports for Nora, Amanda and the new baby
  • encouragement from other Christians
  • opportunities to share our ministry


Prayer Requests

  • sale of our home
  • Baby #3
  • finishing our Bible requirements
  • wisdom in our decisions
  • goal of 80% by Dec. 31st
  • the hearts of the Togolese

Silas 9/22/12

"I did it!"

This is Silas' new favorite phrase.  The thing is, he claps and yells "I did it" when lots of times he wasn't the one that did it at all.  Like, if I dress him or buckle him in the carseat he claps and says, "I did it."  Umm, sure, Silas.  You did it.  You sat there while did it, really.  I was thinking about this today and how I wonder if God feels this way.  If we think we're doing great things for Him or accomplishing stuff and we say "I did it!" He's got to be thinking , "Who did it?"  I know we say sometimes that we give God the glory, but many times in our humanity I think we're probably a lot like Silas and take credit for stuff we didn't really do - we just happened to reap the benefits.




Chris August, Our New Addition, and Hallelujahs!


Nora after her procedure and our new van.

What have we been up to?

It feels like most of our time is spent planning for the future.  Recently we've been working to complete our Methods of Bible Study course, cleaning the house for potential buyers, buying a new mini-van (okay, it's a 2003) to accomodate our growing family, celebrating 7 years of marriage, and calling lots of churches to schedule meetings.  Whew!  August went quickly.
We also had some follow up tests on Nora's kidneys.  (We screamed Hallelujah when we realized that these tests confirmed the tests from last year and God has chosen to heal her and we smile when the doctors say they are confused because we know our God is bigger than statistics and probability.)

We have faced a lot of frustrations this month it seems, but we are so grateful and humbled that God still chooses to use us.  We greatly appreciate your prayers for us as we continue to move forward with our plans to minister in Togo.
River City Faithfest-ChrisAugust

River City Faithfest

We are honored to have a booth at the River City Faithfest in Evansville this year.  We hope to meet lots of great people and share about the ministry in Togo.

This is a free Christian music concert that lasts from 12-6PM with Chris August being the featured performer this year.  If anyone wants to help "man the booth" we'd love to have you, just let us know.  Hope to see you there!

Prayer & Praises

Please pray for:
  • sell the house
  • financial partners
  • spiritual encouragement
  • wisdom in our decisions
Praise God for:
  • Nora's test results
  • Our new vehicle
  • Abuhls starting language school
  • 41% committed support

My Heart Broke...

tears streamed down my face, and I thanked God for the ache that I felt.  I sat reading a excerpt from a letter written by one of the single ladies serving in Mango, where we'll be.  The whole letter is an amazing example of perseverance, daily frustrations, closed hearts opening, God working, and the reason why we go.  I needed that.   The portion that stuck with me most is this: "I think most of the people who came to the funeral have never really seen what a Christian is like before. I feel as if a lot of their preconceived notions are coming down, and I pray that my actions made Jesus look beautiful to them."  I hope that when I am in Togo serving there that my actions make Jesus look beautiful to the people, but I also hope that while I'm serving here I make Jesus beautiful to my kids, my family, my co-workers and everyone else who I meet.  I want others to think Jesus is beautiful because of me.




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