Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Coveting Your Prayers Surrendering your life to do something you have no idea how to do seems a little tricky.  Since God has called us to this work, we must continuously seek after Him for guidance and encouragement.  Won't you be our prayer warrior?  Here some ways you can get involved!   Read the Full Story

The Plan

Our goal is to bring souls to Christ, and our plan is to use the skills that God has blessed us with to accomplish this in West Africa.  The benefit of having a radio station that can reach this Muslim population is key to introducing Christ in this region in a non-threatening manner.  This is the main portion of our ministry at this time, and Andy will work with others to help build this radio station from the ground up and maintain it. 

Additionally, a hospital is currently being built and will hopefully be completed by 2014.  Amanda will then be able to utilize her nursing experience in correlation with the Hospital of Hope through community healthcare evangelism.  Our plan is to be in the northern region of Togo, West Africa.  This region is primarily Muslim and is within the 10/40 window.  Once we have been able to make contacts and hopefully converts within the Northern region, we will continue to facilitate church planting in hopes of establishing indigenous Togolese churches.

The plan is big and, at times, seems overwhelming, but we serve a God much bigger than any plan we can dream.  It's amazing to see that God is building a team of people with the skills to meet the needs and make our vision a reality.  Will you pray with us for how you can be used in this ministry?

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